• Individual Mental Management Coaching

    • $100-45 min session (Zoom or Phone Call)

  • Group Seminars-Inquire for more info

  • Agility Privates-$100/hr


“We recently had Barbara out to IncrediPAWS for her mental management seminar. I was completely blown away not only by the content and her presentation but by her passion and genuine concern for each and every participant. Barbara presented the information professionally and clearly for students from all levels of the sport.  She was able to relate to each of them individually and help them break through some of their mental blocks as well as pass on the skill and knowledge to help them continue to grow and achieve their goals.  I would absolutely have her return to our facility, and recommend her to everyone who might be considering this seminar for their students.”

Jennifer Crank, Agility World Champion

“After attending a Mental Management webinar, I found it difficult to put some pieces of it into practical use in the sport of nose work due to every search being dog driven. Barbara, with her vast experience in dog sports, was able to help me design a very individual system. Our first trial after working with Barbara was the best I've had since beginning this sport nine years ago. We worked as a team and my dog never had to wonder what was wrong with that person at the end of the leash. The nerves and brain fog were gone and replaced with a focus I’ve never been able to achieve before. If you struggle with anxiety and being present in pressure situations with your dog, I highly recommend reaching out to Barbara for help. Your dog will thank you.”

Kim Sebben

“I first met Barbara about nine years ago. An incredible dog had entered my life and I was self aware enough to realize that I would need some serious help to tap into that greatness. In other words, I had zero skills.  Barbara graciously agreed to take me on as a private student and the rest is history. Even though I was country come to town, together we took my Borzoi to 2 MACHs,  6 Invitationals, 3 Nationals, 2 Westminsters, and 1 Premier Cup. Her coaching skills in both Mental Management and Agility are unsurpassed. She is one of those rare coaches who truly can meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. The original dog has since retired but I’m still there … we’re starting on Number 2 … and I’m sooooo looking forward to this next chapter!!

Lou Avant, DVM

“In 2022 I attend the UKI Canadian Agility Open with a bye straight through to the National Finals and Master Series Finals -- the optimal position for Team Canada WAO Tryouts and a chance at the podium. I went into the first round feeling confident and excited, only to mishear the "go" and eliminate myself from that round before it even really began. Unable to bounce back from the disappointment, that first run set up my entire weekend -- eliminated from 12 of 13 rounds and definitely no WAO points on the board. More than that, I wasn't able to be a good teammate for either of my dogs as my headspace was consumed with pressure, frustration and disappointment. I came home feeling defeated...but also motivated. Something had to change.

As someone who likes having a science-based system with a step-by-step process and clearly defined objectives in my dog training, I set out to find something similar for my mental management. This journey lead me on a 20-hour road trip where I met Barbara and attended her Mental Management Camp.


Barbara took the time to explain the science behind WHY agility competitors struggle with their mental management. She then offered a set of immediately useful strategies to shift my mindset and help me use my headspace to actually enhance my peak performance. Within that very weekend I felt a difference in my mental game and it has only improved further the more often I practice this new system. While I wish I’d invested in improving my mental management YEARS ago, I’m certainly glad I finally took the leap and prioritized MY end of the leash!”

- Elaine Welbourn, CPDT-KA, 2x Agility Team Canada Member

“I "met" Barbara through a Fenzi Online Weave Class. I loved her class and the enthusiasm she showed even through the online format. I reached out and started working with her for distance coaching. Barbara has greatly improved my handling and mental fitness from afar. She watches each video I submit with an incredibly keen eye and always has helpful and executable feedback. She has become invested in the success of my dog and me (while also helping me redefine what success really means). I would highly recommend working with her to anyone struggling with handling or the mental side of dog agility. She truly has a gift for teaching!”

Tory Waxman

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